Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Fun!!!

Well, we made it through Valentine's Day.  My kids are so well behaved during class parties which is crazy!  That is usually the time when they go wild and act up, but mine are the opposite.  We had a day full of Valentine fun.  We read "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose" and many other Valentine books.

My students also made valentine's for special people in their lives.  I posted some pictures below of a couple of them.

We also did some Valentine math activities.  Each of my students were given a box of heart candies.  They sorted the colors and then graphed it.  They had a great time with this activity.

We also had a roll the dice game that we played.  They had to roll the dice, count the dots, read the color words and then color the hearts.  

After the learning was done the kids exchanged their valentines and had a special snack. They are so precious when the tell each other "thank you" on their own without me having to tell them to.  They are just the sweetest kids!  I am so blessed to have 18 children that I can help learn and grow!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rhyming Raindrops

I don't know why but  my kids are having some trouble figuring out rhyming words.  I found a simple worksheet in my files titled "Rhyming Raindrops" and it was a cut and paste -og family activity.  They were to cut out the raindrops and paste the words that were part of the -og family.  When I saw this I came up with an idea.  We would make this activity MUCH BIGGER!!!  We matched rhyming words in the pocket chart, then they matched rhyming words printed on blue raindrops.  After the whole group lesson each student chose a rhyming word pair to draw the pictures and write the word on their own large raindrop.  We then tied them to an umbrella and suspended it from the ceiling in the hall!  

I still want to add a cardboard boy holding onto the umbrella named, "Tyler the Rhymer".  I am so excited about this activity!  Plus, it's always nice to get compliments about my "cute umbrella!"


My students just finished a unit about Hibernation.  Talk about an enormous amount of information to teach!  Let me just tell you, my kids blew me away with how hard they worked on this project.  They made a hibernation scene, put the animals in their proper habitats, labeled the habitat, and even.....get ready for it....wrote their own NONFICTION BOOK!!!  That's right, they are AUTHORS!  Here is a look at all this hard work!

100th Day Celebration

We had a fantastic 100th Day back in January.  I am a little late in getting pictures up.  Here is one of the activities that we did.

We also had 100th Day literacy stations, 100th Day math stations, and a 100th Day Special Snack!  We enjoyed celebrating the 100th Day!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow Days!!!

We have had quite a few snow days over the last 3 weeks.  I don't think we have been to school on a Friday in 3 weeks!  It is making it hard for my kids (ok me too) to stay in a routine.  I have been trying to work on a few things over the last few days for my classroom.  It has been mainly posters to be hung up on my cafe wall.  Hopefully these will help my students with expanding their vocabulary as well as being more fluent in their reading. I am finding that it is more and more important for Kindergarten to become readers earlier in the school year.  Hopefully I can post pictures later of my posters that I plan on using in the classroom.  I guess I better get off of this computer and get something done around the house!