Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Fun!!!

Well, we made it through Valentine's Day.  My kids are so well behaved during class parties which is crazy!  That is usually the time when they go wild and act up, but mine are the opposite.  We had a day full of Valentine fun.  We read "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose" and many other Valentine books.

My students also made valentine's for special people in their lives.  I posted some pictures below of a couple of them.

We also did some Valentine math activities.  Each of my students were given a box of heart candies.  They sorted the colors and then graphed it.  They had a great time with this activity.

We also had a roll the dice game that we played.  They had to roll the dice, count the dots, read the color words and then color the hearts.  

After the learning was done the kids exchanged their valentines and had a special snack. They are so precious when the tell each other "thank you" on their own without me having to tell them to.  They are just the sweetest kids!  I am so blessed to have 18 children that I can help learn and grow!

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